Music and Audio

Learn how to find and download music, audiobooks and more.  Here's how...

Computer Basics

It's easier to get to grips with computers than you may think! Here's how to get started..

Digital Photography

Our guides will show you

how to store, edit and

share photos.

Smartphones and Tablets

Step by step guides to help you learn the basics of smartphones and tablets

Creating Documents

Easy-to-follow guides on using Microsoft Office programs.

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An extensive collection of learning guides about using modern technology created by Digital Unite, the digital learning experts.

The easy-to-use guides are ideal for improving your own confidence and skills or for supporting other learners.

Digital Unite Computer Guides:

TV and Audio

You can watch TV programs

and movies online.

We'll show you how.

Social Networking

We'll show you how to get involved in these exciting and fun social media sites.

Shopping and Banking

The chores that used to mean a trip in the car can now be done from a chair

Email and Skype

 These easy-to-follow guides will help you stay in touch.

Hobbies and Interests

Make the most of the many fun and useful things that the

Internet has to offer.

Using the Internet

These guides will give you all the tools you need to become a confident internet user.

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Internet Security

These essential guides detail

the simple rules for staying

safe online.